Oct 24, 2013

while I am swimming alongside my year-mates in the sea of unemployment and generalized floundering, I have made these things! All are acrylic, chalk pastel, and charcoal pencil on cardboard. Seeing as I can't be splurging on nice paper, and I have a lot of cardboard boxes lying around from the recent move..........

working with my hands is the absolute best feeling. it feels weird to say it like I hadn't really known, because I definitely realized it sometime during school.
I don't know if it's selfish or stubborn of me for thinking that I can get a job that fulfills the creative itch some day.

for now i just need to find some kind of. employment. 
the masses weren't kidding when they said it's gonna be a rough first three years out of school HAHA.



  1. I'm really drawn to that second image, Ana!

    I guess while we're unemployed we might as well enjoy our free time and make things we like... <_>