Feb 8, 2014

I started going to an open figure drawing class last week, and I absolutely loved it. I'm really rusty, but I'm not as behind as I feared I was. I'll upload the best one from each session per week. I have to work on getting the entire form on paper. I tend to leave the head and arms last...and when I try to start with the head, I get preoccupied with the face. Gesture no-no, lol.

oh, and this is a doodle I did on the train a few weeks ago. For some reason I feel it's really important. I think they might belong in the same world as the traveling bald boy character I've been thinking about for a while....

frankly, I think they are all genderless, but they look more male than female, I suppose.

I've started the hunt for the next job, since my internship is fast approaching the end of the 3-month mark.


Hope everyone is having a great February so far.

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  1. ahh that gesture drawing is so beautiful..

    Wishing you luck on your job hunt!