Jan 26, 2014

I've posted some of these on Tumblr and Instagram, but I like to update this blog regularly, too. Maybe more for my own journaling purposes. 

ink doodle on top of an old palette

 pastel on cardboard

 started drawing on bristol recently.

been surprising myself, actually. i can actually draw sometimes, HAHA.

quick pastel color doodle

and lastly an edited photo I took today to put on my business cards. I sculpted these guys out of super sculpey over the past couple months. haven't baked them yet.

my work is all over the place, lol.
it stressed me out a lot...what to put on my business card. because I don't know what I am? not really an illustrator, not really an animator, and not really a fabricator, either. so it's blank, for now.
here's to hoping that when the first round of cards are done, i'll be able to put something on the next batch, haha.


  1. I have always admired how unique your style is. And even if you say you are "all over the place" your artwork has a pretty solid style.
    Tumblr puts me in a lot of pressure and it prevents me from expressing myself. I don't have the courage to speak whats on my mind anymore haha. Blogspot feels much friendlier.
    Also, that business card is A+

    1. thanks oyajin <3
      i like blogspot much better, too....wish people stayed.