Apr 4, 2014

spring at last

Uwah, haven't updated in quite some time. I was busy finishing my internship, and here I am in April, unceremoniously unemployed again ^^

But in the past few weeks I have been busy trying to make my own work, and I've updated my website, for anyone who has not seen yet. www.anajkim.com
This piece below I have only put on my Instagram because it's a gift for a friend, and I didn't want her to see on Tumblr, haha. But it was inspired by a poem she wrote, and I finally followed through with it. The following two pieces I probably will not put on my portfolio site, so I thought it would be nice to show them here.

Since most of my new work is on my portfolio site, I will not post them here. I want to say though that it's been really fun, despite this heavy cloud over my head thinking about how there are no jobs, lol. Working and drawing every day is also making me realize how little I know and how much there is to learn, but it's good. It's a good motivator.

I also didn't realize I get bored easily. It's been about 2-3 weeks since I've been working in this particular manner, with pastels and acrylics, but I'm already searching for something new. Thinking about charcoal next. I most enjoy medium that I can physically manipulate with my hands. Acrylics are fun but it's not easy to be suggestive with it.

I just don't know how all or any of this can translate into money. Bleh.

The past few weeks have been a good first step, I think. But I know I can do better.

Oh, and below are some of the better figure drawings I've done in the past month and a half. I usually go every other week. I skipped two weeks this time...oops.

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