Oct 22, 2010

work and play

I used Adobe Illustrator today for the first time. It's awesome!! It makes everything so pretty. At work, I was supposed to take an image from another student to put on businesscard-like labels, but it was boring, so I made another one for the boss lady. HAHAHA. It's not much to look at, but hey, the other one was a penciled-in black and white drawing with bad font. I wish I could have made the building fill the page a little more, but what could I do? The door really is black HAHA.

In Intro Video yesterday, we had an intense studio learning about lighting. That stuff is hard. But we always end early, and so the guys played ping pong after class. The ping pong table was already out because my teacher used it to show us how light would it and blahblah.

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  1. Hi Ana,

    I don't remember if I've already thanked you for the kind words you wrote on my blog.
    I am very glad and honored to be a source of inspiration for you.
    I am going to teach animation for the first time in my life next week. So your words sound like encouragements for me.

    Thank you again.