Oct 19, 2010

cutouts with pancakes on the side

My most recent animation homework has been to work on a short cut out animation. Here's how it's looking so far.
(Putting in joints were incredibly time-consuming. I spent about 5 hours doing them for both figures.)

I'll be adding dialogue to them in class tomorrow. So much more to do tonight....the background, the title and credits, the moving facial features, the required storyboard....why didn't I start this sooner? Let's just say I don't like Art History.

I recently made chocolate chip pancakes! No pancake mix involved. Twas delicious.


  1. Your cut outs are super cute and the pancakes look super delicious! :D

  2. Nom.

    Question: why not paint the cutouts before you cut them out?

  3. thanks emily! :D

    @obvisu (lol): i thought the black gouache would smudge if i touched it too much around the edges. lesson learned: i should have just used colored pencil or acrylic hahaha. gouache is trickytricky.