Oct 10, 2010

one month

me at work! not doing...work...^.^

the view down westminster street

So it has been one month since I've been at my new school. I wasn't sure what the fall would be like, since summer was so fun, but I'm glad to say that it's been great. I wish I could meet more people in studio, but the nature of the assignments of my 2 studios are more like individual projects, so...I'll have to wait until next semester I suppose.
Roommates are great! funny seniors, the two of them.
Classes are great! but my hunch about art history is correct. It's boring as hell, and I don't like being told what to write about. But it's a necessary pain.
I have a lot of free time since it's the first semester of sophomore year in my particular department, so I've been trying to keep busy.
Today I visited my friend at her amazing apartment closer to downtown, tried some yoga with my roommate, and finished all of my work!
Not looking forward to another paper due this Friday, but my attitude towards grades is way more relaxed than...previous...times...HAHAHA. I don't really I'll do poorly in any class, and even if I don't get super stellar grades...well I know I'm not going to be a art historian. Check.
Looking forward to the next few years. I can't believe I'll be attending internship fairs only next year. whoo.
I am learning in the proper way, productive way, stimulating way, and it feels good.


  1. i love that second picture there

  2. Hunch? I'd say they were more like preconceived notions that failed to surprise me. I hope your paper-writing went well! Sorry that you got split off from our question-making group today.