Jan 11, 2012

 i had been avoiding drawing people recently, probably out of fear. but no more time to make excuses, unfortunately. cracked open the sketchbook, floundered around a bit, but slowly reacquainting myself with study of form. i just went back to carter goodrich's site (his character design is amazing, but he's just an amazing illustrator in general). his work has such confidence.

when drawing people, as opposed to animals or monsters, i have this apprehension that i need to make everything proportional and perfect (not that i can that well either haha). but i need to remember that part of the fun is to make the proportions/forms up. have some fun?

as for my work so far, i'm trying to come up with an idea to make a pencil animation loop colored with a bit of pastel.
starting tomorrow i'll be doing some puppet animation acting practice, maybe reactions, or different interactions between my old puppets, since i don't have access to materials now.

i think i will be starting with a short lipsync tomorrow.


  1. can't wait for the pastel loop! sounds awesome

  2. i can't wait either!sounds so cool! x3' and i'm just loving that calvin n hobbes image. truly brilliant. <3