Jan 30, 2012

trying really hard to finish this, but the going is slow.
i am learning a lot, though! i've never gone all the way to color and background, so even though the whole thing will be around 11 seconds, i'm really happy i've been working on it. i cannot believe people used to color and ink everything by hand. the amount of time and skill it had to take....shudder.
i had originally meant for it to go in my reel...but i'm not sure if it'll hold up well. i'm just trying to finish and enjoy now. either way it was time well spent.

in progress work.


  1. oh my goooddd Ana this is the cutest thing in the world, I'm so freaking excited to see this done! aahhh his blue nose tickles me

    my favorite part was when he sort of twitches along when his arms shoots out of the bushes-secondary motion genius!

    also this type of outline and coloring reminds me of Calvin and Hobbes, it's like comic book inked I'm loving it.