Jan 7, 2012


Just a quick update! So a few weeks ago I posted a link to my animation finals on Vimeo. This week I worked on re-compositing my intro stopmotion final, because I had had trouble with the exporting...and all that technical stuff I'm terrible at. But after a lot of trial-and-error moments, I've managed to do it correctly, (finally!) so the image is what I originally intended it to be. Also small changes to the titles/credits.
Any feedback appreciated! Here is the link:
House Key (updated version)

I haven't posted anything in the past 10 or so days, but meanwhile I've started Wintersession at RISD after a short 2 week break. I'm only taking one art history class this 6 week semester, but I've been working on internship researching (gotta get a good one this summer!), redoing some old stuff, and my friend got my a website, holla~
I'm planning on starting to put my first -real- demo reel next week! Wootwoot!

Random note: where's my snow at?? it was 60 degrees today. weird.

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