Oct 23, 2012

new developments

slowly exiting my mini film-crisis, but i'm still plenty worried about it. i realized that to sustain my momentum for the entire year, i have to make this film personal.

here are some sketches i did today. some new ideas. (though i think my old idea is the backstory to what might happen now)

(this photo is of a test armature i'm making before i work on my ball and socket armature, because i don't want to do felting for the first time on my final puppet, haha)


  1. Camera might be an interesting touch to your film. In a form of memories? Much like your big yellow guy from Character Design

  2. i'm not sure exactly what the camera serves, but a way for him to capture things he's afraid might disappear, perhaps.

    i got the idea from my big yellow monster, but the yellow monster was a homebody who would venture out into the woods behind his backyard from time to time, and this little guy is constantly traveling, doesn't have a permanent home.

    i'll have to run it by you sometime, lol.