Oct 14, 2012

pastel update

Haven't posted in a while because I've been busy busy at school. Been developing my senior film, and even though I prepared for it since last June....why is it so hard?? hahaha. Thinking, thinking, revising, and more thinking. We still have 7 months to go. On the other hand, we only have 7 months to go.

I've posted about my influences before, but the few that I keep going back to for direct inspiration are Antoine de Saint-Éxupery's "Le Petit Prince," Miyazaki's Ponyo, and Wong Kar Wai's films. Oh, also Joe Sorren's paintings, particularly "The Dance Before All Hallow's Eve."

For about a week I thought I had a locked story, but the next week I felt really irritated and unsatisfied about it, so I went back to what I wanted out of this experience, and it is certainly not to craft a linear narrative.

I felt into the trap again! But, starting over. I have, however, kept the character and background ideas.

Here are a couple pastel 3x5in. drawings I did a few weeks ago.

I am, for sure, doing another stopmotion film. The little red guy will be a puppet. I've named him Bertie.

I learned a lot from last spring, and I learned a lot from my summer internship. The only thing left is to not be afraid and do what I do best!

Admittedly, it's hard (really hard) not to think about the expectations. I hear a lot of stories about how people with stellar senior films go on to do amazing things right off the bat.

Depends on the artist, not the film. And so how are we not supposed to worry? Haha.

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  1. Aww Ana, I love Bertie already! You'll figure it out :)