Oct 28, 2012

stopmotion experimentation/update

hi everybody~

film development is going okay, still a bit stuck. but here are some experiments i've been doing, some successful, some not. but i'm learning a lot, like how i like creating illusions instead of showing literal objective action.

(i made the sound for this one ^^) the actual time of animation was only 2 hours (granted, it was 1am). but i've found that i get the freshest ideas from having big restrictions on my projects. something about the pressure just forces stuff from your brain.

sound exercise from Ana Kim on Vimeo.

next animation was done with a friend, Connie Leung. she came up with the idea of lighting from underneath.
experiments with fabric/fibers from Ana Kim on Vimeo.

the logistics ended up being terrible for this one, but i cobbled it together in about 3 nights. let's just say now i know what i should never do again, hahaha.

also i got my ball and socket armature kit in the mail last week! not cheap, but not unreasonable, either.

final armature drawing coming along~ 

i really need to practice drawing. noooo. can't get discouraged.

i really need a new banner, don't i? haha. it might be the least attractive one i've done, yet!

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