Nov 25, 2012

oh my blob

okie, so basically the things i've tried to solve this blob fabrication problem with.....have failed, haha.

first i tried clay on aluminum wire, slathered with baby oil to get the shininess i wanted. but the oil just made everything melty, and it was difficult to make the movements smooth, frame by frame.

then i thought maybe if i waxed a surface, ink could bubble up and i could have an easier time manipulating it. but it still leaves an obvious trail. it looks too flat, too....

next i'm going to try a water balloon shot live action under water. if i tie a stick to it, the movements could turn out okay...bobbing motion.

and then if THAT doesn't work, maybe ink/paint in oil.

and if THAT doesn't work, i'll be out of time and won't be able to do this concept at all by the end of the semester, HAHA. but i'm really hoping the water balloons will work. i must have da blobs! they encase trapped souls.....then who will Bertie interact with??? 
since it's winter, i couldn't find water balloons at nearby stores. off to amazon....i've basically been throwing my money at amazon this semester. nooo. 

three weeks left this semester. ho mai gaht.

also, isn't this piece of animation crazy??

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