Nov 8, 2012

test-version Bertie, almost there

this is how i can move Bertie's eyes~

added a mouth, ears, and his horns. my friends are telling me it looks like he's doing the duck lips, haha.  maybe on the final version i will soften them. what do you think?

I painted the balsa white so i could paint on an evenly colored surface

 and painted face! tada~

the wool is tricky, especially since it's my first time. I tried felting a thin layer on a mat, then gluing on the head. it worked! but trying to felt some more wool while it's attached as it's shown below was too difficult, so i had to rip it off. I think what i'll have to do is to make thin layers in sections, then glue them on.

 i'm away from school for the next two days, but i've been felting his body in the meanwhile.

this is Bertie on the train ^^ it was great because i was in the quiet car HAHA.

yay. after the felting, all that's left is his hands and feet. he's going to have black nails, to match his horns.
oh, also his eyelids. that'll be tricky...
i've been thinking what i'll need to do differently in the final version, and i'll have to move his horns up a little to make room for his eyebrows, perhaps change his mouth, and remember that the wood texture will show through the paint if i don't smooth magic-sculpt over it, too.

although, i don't mind the texture coming through. hm.

also i'm learning that you have to felt the wool very lightly when you're building up the general shape, because you can't undo it if it's stiff.

but he's coming out ok, no? ^^ it's actually been fun, spending time with him :)

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