Nov 8, 2012

some miro and tanguy

I've posted about Miro's Bleu tryptic before, and over the past two weeks I've been looking at his work more and more...studying his compositions and color choices. My teachers suggested I look up his process.
He was associated with the Surrealists, of course...somehow everything comes back to the Surrealists for me hahaha. Although I don't think he was "officially" a Surrealist, and I don't think he ever tried/wanted to be? But he was definitely influenced by their ideas/process. The whole unleashing the subconscious thing, haha.

ANYHOW, I've started to look at Yves Tanguy's landscapes, too, because they help me think about how I can visually represent abstract paintings as a concrete set.

These are some sketches I've done, thinking more about my senior film. I'm really set on having Bertie trying to take photos of these floating black blobs. I think he sees something in them through his camera.

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