Nov 3, 2012

testing, testing, 123

ball and socket armature kit with my to-scale drawing of Bertie's skeleton! 

 i'm making a wire armature version of Bertie first so I can practice making his head with working eyes and practice felting wool. wasn't sure how to do the eyes at first, and the propoxy20 sockets+hand shaped eyeballs were a really, really bad idea.

 so i learned my lesson! and found what i hope are perfectly-sized wooden spheres~ 
below you can see them embedded in kleen klay, but i ended up using sculpey (to bake).

 eyeball painting~ stuck them in kleen klay for convenience

 below you can see what 2 coats of clear nail polish did to the dead-looking eyes from above. 
i made tiny needle-width holes in the eyes with a tiny hand drill so i can manipulate them with needles when animating.

tomorrow i'm going to try to sculpt his face with magic-sculpt around his eyeballs on a balsa head.
i'm hoping some vaseline will prevent magic-sculpt from locking the eyeballs into place....all fingers crossed. 

decided recently that i'm going to research some more Joan Miro. hooray~

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