Dec 4, 2012

blob update

the past 2 weeks I wracked my brain and tried to pick others' brains, too, on how I could achieve the look/animation I wanted for the floating blobby things in my senior film.

somehow I thought I'd give underwater live-action shots a try. 

except, the glass of the tank clouds everything, and I learned that balsa wood is SUPER DUPER buoyant (should have been a duh fact, haha), and well. it didn't work.

here's me sometime during the night last week. note the worsening acne. gross, but indicative of finals season.

I talked to my teachers some more, and all signs pointed towards trying replacement blobs. I saw Piotr Kamler's Une Mission Éphémère, and of course it had beautiful replacement animation, so. In desperate it goes.

so! clay blobs with balsa cores, so I could drill holes in them if necessary. I hashed out a short loop on paper, first.

The animation test came out ok, so that was that. No more time to test anyway, so I hope it won't look too badly! At least, for this semester...

Set time~

bought joint compound

I thought I'd try to texture it in a cool way, but it looked nearly as derpy as the botched plaster (the chunky blue mound) attempt, so I smoothed it back before it started to harden.

painted black blob on rig! 

set pieces covered in joint compound.

did some new pastel concept sketches. my film idea is slowly coming together. I have the pieces, I think, but still figuring out how they can fit together. I still don't think making a storyboard for my particular film will help...last year it made me feel pressured into thinking the film had to be a very logical sequence of events.

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