Dec 15, 2012

it's a little late, but here's some pastel concept stuff that i did for my film about 3 weeks ago. it's the most accurate, in terms of how i envision my film to look like, ultimately. one of my teachers sort of suggested that perhaps i do my film in 2D with pastels. yea....not happening. HAHA. although! i've always, always, always wanted to do a pastel animation in the style of the Hubley' particular "The Tender Game." i've probably fangirled about it on my blog several times, haha.

ANYWAY, i completed a little video....animation/concept test, more like, yesterday. my intermediate stopmotion final! i used it as a test for my senior film. it doesn't quite look like how i wanted, but  i think the result also surprised me, too. i'll upload that by the end of the day.

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