Dec 18, 2012

fruit of my labors: informative test

Bertie (animation/concept test) from Ana Kim on Vimeo.

alrighty, so. i wasn't going to post this, because it's not a very successful piece, but i guess it is an important part of my research and process, so i will post. i guess it's successful in that i learned a lot from doing it. also maybe you guys could give me feedback i haven't heard already?

i'm well aware of the compositing issues (green screening 101 in the works, here), but feel free to point out anything. i'm going to try backlighting my character with a magenta gel....and if i have studio space, hopefully i can move the set up further away from the greenscreen itself.

what i have coming next is a new version of Bertie; that is, i will finally put together the ball and socket armature parts that i ordered in the fall, and make a few adjustments to his design. this time i will put a hand tie down, too, so i can anchor the camera to his hand. (advice from our awesome guest critic).
i think i have to make the felted wool a bit more solid, too.

as for the set, i'm going to use different surface material and try to make things really smooth and lumpy, like in the surrealist paintings i've posted before.

and the blobs, of course. .......more brainstorming, but i think the replacements worked. now it's just....trying to get some flexibility in the movements, since i want to have many, many.

my peers and teachers have given me really good sound advice, particularly about the voices i slapped in to match the blob. seeing as it was done during the frantic night before my last crit, i wholeheartedly agree, hahaha.

sorry for the blabbering! happy winter break, and i'll try to post a holiday doodle soon!

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