Dec 7, 2012

still from test animation

test animation coming along. going very slowly, as usual. but walk cycle is not as mind boggling as last year!
you know, i really like this character, lol. i feel like there's a lot i haven't learned about him, yet. hopefully i won't inhibit him too much, like my puppets last year.
the final set will look more globular and....finished, lol. not an old science project. and NO MOAR ACRYLIC PAINT. so shiny...badbad.
i think i'd like to fill the space with more bounced light, next time, too.

my brain hurts. end of the semester, in one week!

he's photogenic, isn't he~ this might be one of those proud parent moments. HE HAS A BUTT.

though i'm really looking forward to building him again. soon!


  1. Great blog!! The process on our film looks great, can't wait to see the final product!

    1. Hi Alicia, thanks so much!! My senior film will be done (hopefully) in May, but I will also be posting a test animation up soon.

      A lot of trial and error....mostly error HAHA. Cheers~