Jun 15, 2010

Adventure time.

Hello! It's been 2 weeks. News! Starting from Thursday, I shall be using my blog to let you guys know what I'm doing at RISD's summer session for transfers. I cannot say how excited I am, especially after looking at the materials list! I wonder what I'll need a handsaw for. and glue gun! Fun stuff. It is also the first time I can do art things without worrying about other projects, papers, readings, blahblah, so it's time for go go go!!
I have a feeling that I'm going to get pwned there......but I'm just as excited to learn from the geniuses and see what others do. If I suck, that's okay. I'll learn, which is the point. I also have learned a lot from my freshman year....and I don't think I am as incompetent as before.
Apparently it's no less vigorous than the regular freshman foundation experience (harsh), but I'm ready. I don't care about losing sleep. This is going to be an insane 6 weeks.
I'm also excited about the 4 day orientation. I need to find people to watch Toy Story 3 with, which comes out in 3 days. YES! great time to be alive right now.
I painted a small painting of a Yogorino small vanilla froyo with pistacchio syrup. It's one of my dad's "few joys in life," and since I won't be home for father's day, I thought he'd like that. HAHA. Sad, ain't it? But to each his own......I suppose......
So my new adventure begins in a few short days. I'll be sure to update, and I'll try to take pictures. Here I go!

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