Jun 23, 2010

Third Day of Classes: Spacial Dynamics

Today was a full day of Spacial Dynamics class! aka 3d design class. We spent an hour and a half scrutinizing and critiquing...............rocks. Yes, rocks. As if they were sculptures. It was really funny. Then we critiqued our sculptures of the rocks. We were like, "but this indentation in the rock feels more organic than the sculpture," "these ridge is very spinelike and" blahblah. So funny.
AND THEN!!! new assignment!! It's really cool. I really wish my camera hadn't broke so I could upload pictures. Grr. But, it is to make a cardboard sculpture of our faces coming out the wall using only 3 specific shapes. So I'm using a triangle, a rectangle, and a "C" shape. I got a lot done, so I didn't stay after class. The examples my professor showed us were so amazing.

It was close to 90 degrees today. Just walking outside was a disgusting, sweaty, experience.

I also got my things back from my previous applications. They even had my application drawings from 2 years ago!! I was surprised. They are dated December 2008. Haha. The guy handing me back stuff was like, why do you have so many drawings? Lol.

Tomorrow I start Drawing class! But until then, Trolley tour tonight.
Tomorrow........is also supposed to be insufferably hot. Great.

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  1. whoa.. that assignment sounds ridonk. your camera bwoke?! aw mannn... does that mean no more uploads?

    dude.. it was close to 100 here in PA.