Jun 27, 2010

Week 2: Go!

Whoa, already 4 days since my last post. Well!
Thursday was the worst studio experience of my life. It was over 90 degrees outside and I had class all day in the fourth floor of a non-airconditioned building. Charcoal, blind mark-making exercises. I was basically having drawing class in a sauna for the whole day. And anyone who knows me knows that I melt in warm weather. This was over the top hot. Plus the professor is so serious! But it'll get better this week. I think we start drawing models soon.

Friday! was much better! especially because drawing class was only 3 hours for the morning haha. And I also got my new phone! My life feels more secure now HAHAHA.

Saturday! Instead of going on the Newport trip, I stayed behind like most people and worked in the studio for 4-5 hours, but I finished my cardboard sculpture!! I think it looks good...LOL. In the morning, I watched the Korea vs. Uruguay world cup game. Intense. So intense. But well played.
At night there was a water fire along on the canal! It's where fire is lit on metal baskets all along the canal that goes through the city. There are a lot of tents set up along the streets with food. Music is blasted through speakers. I heard some opera, some folk, and some Indian music! This isn't my picture but it's exactly what I saw. It's really funny because there are gondolas that go through HAHA. Some little boats have couples on them and everyone on the sides yell, "KISS KISS KISS!" and then they oblige us all. Jess and I came back and watched We Got Married with the new Nichkhun+Victoria couple. My brain exploded from the adoreableness. Gosh. I also worked on my design gouache perspective painting. It's so boring...but I couldn't really make up what I was seeing in the perspective HAHA. Saturday was also the move-in day for Precollege kids. High school students come and stay a month and take classes for a specific major at RISD. Maybe it's because there are hundreds of them, but they sure are annoying. They also look so old!! The girls, at least. I look younger than some of them haha. The summer session and transfer students were amazed. I don't recall high school students looking so old before....interesting.

That brings us to today! Sunday! I slept in. Yayy. The masses of precollege kids in the dining hall now is not fun, but I had a good lunch (the food even is better with the arrival of precollege) and stuffed myself with watermelon. Then I worked on my painting, and I think I'm finished for now. And then I went to Thayer street and got....(with Jess)....FROYO!!! It was AMAZING. I got mango and strawberry toppings hehe. Then I went to 15 West to Jess's apartment over the Library and got to experience air conditioning. But her internet was not so good.....so here I am. Back in a hot old building. Tomorrow begins Week 2 of classes. It's so weird that I only see my professors about 12 times this summer.

Everyone is spazzing about hwk.....I wonder if I'm not doing enough work or I'm focused on working super fast. HAHA.

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  1. it' 3am and i'm debating whether or not I should watch WGM. hmmm.. or maybe i'll do it first thing tomorrow morning :D

    ooOOo that light thinga-ma-jigger would be so romantic to go and see with a special somebody ^^