Jun 18, 2010


Alas, no pictures today! I probably could have taken a million because we walked a little bit around Providence again, but let me tell you; these hills ain't joking. I think I exercised more today than I have the entire year. My legs.................ouch. Too busy trying to make it to the top of hills to care about taking pictures HAHA.
Lots of touring the campus buildings. Naturally, I have absolutely no idea how to get to them again. But that's okay. I met some people today. I can't believe it's only the second day!! I also can't believe some people went out clubbing already....I think they must not need sleep, because even I slept before 2-3. I slept at 10:30 last night. I can't even remember the last time I slept before 2-3. Wow. The people in this city are so chill. So strange. But nice ^.^
A lot of people here are old. Some in their mid-twenties to come back at sophomores to do art. Some grad students who never took enough fine arts courses. Some students like me with one year of college experience. Some have completed two years. Some worked first then came back a few years later to do what they always wanted to do. Some finished a degree already but want to come to art school. Dang.
Today I and two other f/a/v transfer students met with the department head of f/a/v to get a tour and have a little chat about the department. Yes, I was very intimidated. So much crazy equipment...all this crazy language...a whole building dedicated to the dept...they have off the heezy computer software...blahblah...I have to learn how to use Maya?!!! WHAT THE HELL. But everyone here says don't worry about it. I will learn, and I'm not dumb. But the more I hear about stuff, the more I realize I think I made the right choice in film/animation/video. It's like the next level up from Illustration. I think Grad school is a good idea, too, but that may not come for a while. Haha, I may even end up doing painting at grad school. HAHAHAHA. But I have to learn to be well versed in like 5 new software thingies. I'm not even that good with Photoshop.

Next topic:
I just saw Toy Story 3. It's brilliant. It's amazing. It's not a kid's movie. It's for all the people who ever loved Woody or Buzz. It was dramatic. It was scary. It was very sad. It was so funny! It was exciting. It was very dark, lots of death related thematic elements. OMG THERE WAS A STUFFED TOTORO. AAHHHHH. The acting/voicing/animation was incredible!! My OL cried HAHAHA. He's in my department, too. It also appears as though those pixar people did so much research on prison-break films. Crazy crazy. The script writer is wonderful. Oh my gosh. I might go as far to say that this may be pixar's best film.

It looks like a relatively early night again. My legs are tired. My brain is tired. Information overload. Emotion overload with Toy Story 3 HAHA.

Thank goodness tomorrow is a less jam packed day. Although, tomorrow is the official Providence tour.

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