Jul 1, 2010


It's July already. Wow.
So this week so far:
Monday, I had Design class and we started a new assignment. Yay. Made-up cityscape based on Providence. There are basically no limitations...one of the examples was an abstract gouache painting by a student from last semester. So I'm doing a tryptic of 22x22 in. cream color paper cityscapes. They're a little surrealistic, but I'm doing very different pov's for each one, so it'll look cool. I love that I start off the week with Design and my professor Mark Milloff, who creates crazy painting/sculpture things, apparently. He loves telling corny jokes he used to tell his kids when they were little kids. And he shows us film clips that relate to the lesson!
Tuesday! Half Design, half 3D class. The group of students I'm with gets a little wary of my 3D professor (she shall rename nameless). I think she's hilarious, and people like her, but she knows exactly what she wants to see, and she's extremely blunt. HAHA. Starting Tuesday afternoons, my group starts to lose it a little.
Wednesday was an extremely long day. A whole day of 3D class....yikes. But she is so nice and really cares that we develop our interests and strengths. One can only handle so much of her....and glue gun and chipboard. yeesh.
Thursday...blech. One. entire. day. of. Drawing. Class. Not. Good. My professor wants us to draw with charcoal in ONE particular way and she does NOT like if I try to relate to what she's trying to teach us in my own words. She often contradicts herself, and she's extremely serious. She talks about the "spirit" of things and connecting with your inner energy and your mind and your charcoal and extending it through your hand and onto the paper. CONNECT WITH THE PAPER. WHAT THE HELL. Needless to say, we all dread that class, and Thursday is most definitely the longest day of the week. HOWEVER, today we FINALLY started on something other than lines. Skeleton! anddddd NEKKID models! yes, my shoulder hurts.
Thank goodness tomorrow is only 3 hours of drawing. and we're getting models again. The exhaustion that my group exuded today at the end of class was pretty hilarious. We were like waddling with charcoal smudged all over us and rolling our necks, backs slumped over. HAHAHA.

This weekend is July 4th!! fireworks, hooray. I am also planning on watching The Last Airbender. Yes, sad, but I suppose I am one of those....loyal fans. I am anticipating a poorly directed film. Shyamalan's just..lost it I suppose. Poor guy.

Course selection is a bit stressful. That Registrar office better have some answers tomorrow. But I'm so glad I got so many credits transferred. I wonder for how long this luck will last, lol.

My workload has been extremely manageable. A lot of my housemates have had 3-5 hour nights already. That is, not to say that I haven't been learning as much. I am learning lots and lots. Apparently, I like 3D stuffs. Some students in my group dread 3D, but I think I enjoy it.

Rango directed by Gore Verbinski (Verbinsky?) looks great. Yay for Johnny Depp.

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