Jul 26, 2010


I had my last Design class yesterday morning, so I have no class until tomorrow afternoon. YAYY. Even if I'll be working all day, it's nice to wake up after 7:20. And since I missed breakfast hours, I guess I'll HAVE TO go to Starbucks or au bon pain in this amazing weather.

Weather that will climb up to the high 80's in the afternoon. But I'll be in Chase center by then...where it's freezing. freeeezzzing. so freezing that, in fact, I packed a sweater. HAHA.

My last design critique was really good. It's so funny how people look at my project and go, "ooo, how cute. what is it?" HAHA. that's not so important now, is it?

Hopefully this week won't have flash thunderstorms. How bizarre. and interrupting. my sneakers filled with water when I stepped outside on Friday. HAHAHA.

We did a lot of work for Design! But it was all enjoyable because my professor is so nice and chill and always tells us to have FUN FUN FUN. haha. not that any of slacked off. maybe one or two did...lol.

Left for the week...my picasso sculpture and 10 drawings. It's gonna be rough, but only til Friday.

I have to get my driver's license when I get back......sigh. Why does it take so long...

So many movies to see when I go home. It's embarrassing to say that I've never seen Fight Club, or Big Fish, or etc etc etc etc etc.

It's "research." muahahaha.

on saturday in the freezing studio, we did karaoke via youtube. can you say bohemian rhapsody? and hey jude...LOL. and then some people started singing a perverted version of "a whole new world." it turned into "a whole nude world." my face was frozen for about 4 or so minutes. HAHA.

Only 4 more days! I will miss the people here. But I miss the people at home, too. And the food. the fooood.

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