Jul 13, 2010


This is now week 4! It's gone by so fast; two weeks to go.

Not much has happened since I last updated. I worked like a little monster during the weekend to finish my Design homework: a tryptic cityscape. Friday, Saturday, Sunday I stayed up pretty late...watching movies and working and eating simultaneously HAHA. But I'm feeling the effects of the late nights now...all today I was falling asleep. During critique in 3D class I had trouble focusing my eyes haha. I will sleep well tonight because.......FIELD TRIP TOMORROW!!! YAY. To Mass MoCa and Clark Museum in Western Massachusetts.

I managed to watch so many pieces of movies during the weekend....The Fall (beautiful cinematography, but it was so weird lol), Paprika (weird freaky anime, do not watch), Donnie Darko (I mostly ignored this movie), ...and I think that's it. There are so many that I haven't seen...I need to catch up haha.

New Design project: do whatever you want. I think I want to use acrylic and cardboard. Really excited.
I don't like my 3D project though: abstract cubist paper-based product sculpture. Cool beans, you'd think, but we have to use an ugly Picasso painting. He did so many better ones...sigh. But challenge!

Housing lottery is on Thursday. Everyone's so nervous because transfer students get last pick so the pickings are already slim....pun intended.

I didn't know how many Backstreet Boys songs I had memorized by heart. I surprised myself HAHA.

I need a camera.

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  1. I HOPE YOU GOT A DECENT PLACE TO REST YOUR HEAD! that's all you're gonna need it for anyways with all the work that's heading your way this fall. X_X