Jul 5, 2010

"Hot like hot wings and hot chocolate in hell, uh huh." -Psychopath, Macy Gray

So, it's hot. Apparently not as hot as back home, but uh...there was air conditioning (somewhat) at home. GUHH. I might die on Thursday when we have studio all day in an old building. with no AC. But enough with the complaining portion of this entry!

This weekend I worked quite a bit. Through Friday night...All day Saturday minus Thai food and froyo and the morning World Cup game (Germany=beast). All day Sunday, and then great (not amazing haha) fireworks at the nearby city park.

Today my design class spent the day drawing from observing animal parts/minerals/etc. under a microscope! It was cool..a little bit...but after 6 hours it gets terrible HAHA. I started the third and last cityscape sketch today. Someone helped me with the perspective. I'm a little wary of the gouache, but the compositions are nice, I think. My professor really liked them! Yay.

Evening was spent completely on finishing my second cardboard head. I must say...it's funny looking HAHA. It's comical because one eye is crying glue! I used my glue gun to make chunky tear pathways down the cheek HAHA. My first head sculpture looks airy and uplifting, so the second one I made comically sad. Aw. HAHA. I like them. We find out tomorrow what our next week project is going to be.

So strange that we meet our professors for only 3 more weeks! Goodness.

For drawing class we have to draw animal skulls with charcoal. Do not like. I have no idea what she wants, and she definitely wants something very specific. We all say, "Oh Eleanor" HAHA.

Thank goodness my studios are in airconditioned buildings tomorrow. Whew.

Some architecture grads may be 24-26, but they sure can act like 12 year olds HAHA.

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