Jul 17, 2010


I saw the movie Inception last night, directed by Christopher Nolan, starring Leonardo DiCaprio, JOSEPH GORDON LEVITT (woot), Ellen Page, and a bunch of other people. Marion Cotillard (another woot) played Leo's dead wife. Man she was good.
It was really good.........not like, AMAZING, but it really made you think. It was never boring, always something happening, even in the quiet moments.
The acting was really great. Greatgreat. Oh yea, Ken Watanabe is in this one! haha.
Basically it questions, what is reality? But I really liked the storyline about how Leo's character Tom Cobbs (Cobb?) had to get over the guilt of planting the idea that dreamstate was reality in his wife's mind. THEY LOVED EACH OTHER SO MUCH IT WAS SO SAAADDDDD. T_________T
Even though the special effects stuff was GREAT, it's not what I remember most about it. I just remember Cobbs and how much he guilt he has and how much he just wants to go home to see his children.
The ending made the whole theater go "whhhaaattt???!!!!!" I suppose the ending fits with the whole movie, and the movie was plotted out cleverly. But no one really enjoys ambiguous endings. I'm not sure if the ending was ambiguous, but the director did make the clues obvious.

The movie was all serious though. Very small brief moments of humor just for kicks, but those don't count.

I like Joseph Gordon Levitt. :D

Soooo I have updated since Tuesday...
I'm getting a new camera that is Ana-proof, aka waterproof. I seem to ruin everything with water...my old phone...my newer phone and old camera with apple juice...
Now I can even use this camera in the rain!!! and apparently it's dust-free...whatever that means.

There have been so many things to take pictures of....but I had to use my new phone's dinky camera. Even if it's only one week's worth of pictures here, better than nothing?

I am living right above the library next year! YES.

Since I went to the Miyazaki marathon (totoro, totoro...) AND watched Inception AND watched part of Howl's Moving Castle after that, today is just.......WORKDAY. I woke up at 11:30, so I gotta get a move on. Another late night, I suppose. I'm using cardboard and thick gouache for my Design final and a commentary on Cubism for my 3D final. Man, Cubism is so ugly >(
My RA made chocolate cookies with frosting eyes for soot spirits and totoro shaped cream puffs!!! IT WAS SO DELICIOUS. I wish I liked baking. But I don't. HAHA.

The summer session is coming down to the end! only 2 more weeks here. And then 3 more years. It will go so fast.....

There is a remake of the french comedy Le Diner des Cons out in theaters called Dinner for Schmucks. I can GUARANTEE that the actors are going to RUIN IT. terrible terrible idea....remaking a great film. What made the original so good was that the acting and script were amazing!

Stupid Hollywood.

Some students here know famous people. Wah.

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